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Strait Jacket

In a world of science, sorcery is rediscovered and rapidly adopted in all areas of industry – but at a high price: an invisible pollution is spreading out across the world. Those who do not take proper precautions become infected, lose their sanity, and become demons. The Sorcery Administration Bureau, along with their Tactical Sorcerers, monitor magic uses and respond to any demonic outbreaks that occur. In this world, Ray Otto is a rogue tactical sorcerer who hunts down demons with reckless abandon. Given that he always gets the job done, the administration generally lets his activities slide. Together with the mysterious girl Kapel Theta, Ray risks his life and humanity to destroy demonkind… when the price is right. Source:


This anime is pretty much your regular anime. From watching the anime I would derived that there wasn’t much effort put into production. Well, probably just a little on the visual effects or animation anyway. Maybe because 3 episodes, 20 plus minutes each, are too short for anyone to get attached to as an anime, I didn’t feel anything from watching this. Story wise, it felt like a potentially good anime should there had been more episodes.

It would have helped if characters had a bit more casting ‘stance’ instead of repeating the same move over and over again. Strait Jacket doesn’t have many strong points, but it isn’t particularly weak either. It’s just too ‘plain’, with no aspect standing out of other animes among the crowd. A 2-Star then for what felt like could have been a popular anime.

Strait Jacket
Rating: 2-Stars
Torrent: Ureshii


2 responses

  1. Mart

    Looks crappy

    April 7, 2009 at 3:14 am

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