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Munto TV

Long ago the Gods of the heavens fought with humans over the Akuto – a power that can create anything. Now, separated by time and space from the realm of humans, a war is raging between the heavens over the little remaining Akuto. As the floating Magical Kingdom is on the brink of destruction, both worlds are in danger and there is now only one hope for salvation. Lord Munto of the Magical Kingdom descends to earth in order to find Yumemi, a thirteen year old girl who has always been able to see the islands in the sky. He explains that when his kingdom falls, the human territory will become a land of death and Yumemi’s hidden powers are the only way to prevent it. But can Yumemi’s ability really solve everything when the fear of such power causes the fighting to escalate? Source:


The first episode was very well formulated. By the end of the first episode, you would know what roles every character played in this series, what kind of story to expect from this anime, which is good considering that there are only 9 episodes. Yet, viewers wouldn’t feel suffocated by information overload. I assure you that there are no unnecessary banters in Munto TV, no time wasted on fillers and crap talk. The story is as direct as it gets. Guy meets girl, guy needs girl’s help to save kingdom, girl doubts but finally helps, guy and girl shows a slight interest in each other, Lol!

The ending theme was spot on. Memories of Noein flashed as I was listening to it, and I have no idea why. Opening theme is “o.k.” I guess. Nothing to shout about though. The animation is actually pretty good. It’s just feels so unexpectedly natural, clean and slick. Animation definitely feels top grade. Characters felt fluid and smooth.

Story wise to me is as perfect as it gets. The script is so well laid out that it could probably win a Grammy or Pulitzer or any other shit you throw at it. Try as you might but you won’t have a single clue on what to criticize on. Every single episode felt epic whether it is a battle or sentimental moment. I was kept on the edge of my seat throughout the whole series. You can actually feel the solid script reach in and grab your heart, not letting it go. But that could be just me. Lol! 5-unbelievable-perfect-Stars for Munto TV which defines what short series animes should be like. Even the ending was beautiful.

Munto TV
Rating: 5-Stars
Batch Torrent: m.3.3.w


2 responses

  1. Mart

    Nvr heard of this anime…seems childish…the end

    April 7, 2009 at 3:04 am

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