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Charady's Daily Joke

Charady’s Daily Joke is a series of episodes telling different jokes from around the world. Each episode lasts about three and a half minutes. So for a series which tells jokes, how is it that after 5 episodes, I have not even flinched an eyebrow, let alone laugh. And just to clear your suspicions, I did drop the anime after the first 5 episodes.

First off, the story or jokes uses some of the oldest in the book. You would probably enjoy the jokes if you haven’t heard of it before. But come on! the jokes they show are EVERYWHERE! There is little or no possible way for you not to have heard of the jokes before unless you lived in a cave or something.

Second, the animation is also crap. it’s Flash CG’s with minimal movements. Anyone could do a better job than that (except me of course :p). Even if it was flash with minimal movements, at least have the decency to come up with better looking illustrations.

In it’s defense, it was probably never meant to be compared to other animes. But even so, even if I didn’t compare it to other shitty animes. It is still Poo! Heck, this makes me consider the need of a rating lower than 1-Star.

Charady’s Daily Joke
Rating: 1-Star
Torrents: Frostii


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