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Golden Boy

Kintarou Oe doesn’t look like it, but he is a genius who completed all his university courses and then quit before graduating. He becomes a wandering student, going from place to place on his bicycle, seeking to learn what he can about life, the world, and women. He is willing and able to do any job he has to prove himself. His travels take him to a variety of locations and a variety of women, each who learns to love the hardworking guy, but not before he can run off. Source:

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Now this was a fun series to watch! Animation was solid and kept in check. But it was as recommended by AnimeNerdz that I watched this anime with the English dubs. And it was true! The voice cast really did make it more enjoyable and actually funnier than the original Japanese. So after doing the first episode in both Japanese and English, I watched the remaining 5 episodes in English dubs. Let’s not kid ourselves here, Kintarou Oe could very well be one of the most intellectual pervert in anime history. The anime as a whole just gets better and better with each passing episode. Even the background design of the architectural structures were good. Definitely no effort spared there.

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The facial expression in Golden Boy was just out of this world. It never fails to express and achieve the feeling it desires and always manages to draw a laugh from me.

“Study Study Study Study Study”

Bloody messes are quite a common scene, appearing every now and then in different episodes.

What can you say from an anime which sells their own director, Tetsuya Engawa? Not much? I thought so. Lol! But don’t be fooled! This anime does not require self promotion what so ever.

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The human head cannot turn 360 Degress. Lol!

Kintaro has a fetish towards toilet bowls and the first scene of him drinking fountain-style was just sick. Sick enough for me to not want to post the picture here.

What I really enjoy about this anime is that it still manages to inject a sense of seriousness when dealing with some of the problems which the female characters faced in the storyline. And not forgetting the touch of reality, although minimal, with the series. A good example would be episode 3 as Noriko faces the problems of being cheated by her first love, and how Kintarou tries to persuade him not to hurt Noriko. This made sure the storyline felt solid and matured enough while providing lots of endless laughter.

The last episode which had a story using the settings of an animation company and its process was really a nice touch as a final episode. Kudos to its English vocal cast for providing such a superb dub, especially Douglas Smith who plays Kintaou Oe, the lead.
“there are no jobs that are unimportant”
“plus you can do all sort of things with the character’s that you’d never get away with doing in live action films or videos, that’s what makes animation so unique and wonderful”
– Kintaro Oe @ Golden Boy Episode 6

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It really had the feeling of the 90’s. The way the comedy was played out. Yeah! It was slapsticks but it was solid. And the puns were actually funny. Not the majority of mindless one-liners in today’s comedy animes. Not that I have anything against it, as long as it’s funny. But animes like Golden Boy feels refreshing every once and being able to bring a sense of enjoyment to its viewers is what makes Golden Boy one of the best classics around.

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The beautiful ladies of the 6 episodes.

Golden Boy
Rating: 5-Stars
Torrents: Mininova


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