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Ristorante Paradiso

Nicoletta is a young woman who decides to go to Rome to see her mother who left her when she was just a child. She went there with the intention of revealing her relationship with her mother to her mother’s lover who owned a restaurant. At the restaurant Nicoletta meets Claudio, a cameriere, and is instantly drawn to him.
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After seeing the first 2 episodes, the conclusion I drew was that Ristorante Paradiso was going to be an anime about some love triangle trapped in a harem restaurant filled with old geezers. It really threw me off guard as to what to expect in the coming episodes.

Don’t get me wrong, it turn out just as I mentioned, love triangle in harem restaurant indeed, but what I didn’t expect was how crazily addictive it could get.

Watching this I feel like I was sucked into the peaceful environment of Ristorante Casetta Dell-orso, the restaurant in the anime in which most airtime takes place. The story was exciting in a romantic way as Nicoletta bonds with others with each passing episode and as the series tells the history of Ristorante Casetta Dell-orso, its staffs and its patrons in a comfortable way.

A great slice-of-life that achieves perfect pacing and a relaxing atmosphere. The world around me stops as time flies by as I drown myself in the charm of each episode. Smiling like a love-drown fool looking at the monitor. Lol!

Ristorante Paradiso explored every character with just the right balance of airtime. Characters were given enough depth without hogging up any particular episode. The staffs’ romantic pasts really sparks up the whole anime.

Characters were drawn to really bring out the European feel; Big mouth, big nose, slightly deep eye sockets. Using a mixture of thick and soft lines, coupled with the watercolor background.

The inconsistencies between some particular scenes were obvious.
Look at the beautiful cars, then look at the fingers around holding the cup -.-“

Good opening and closing theme. Suteki na Kajitsu (ステキな果実) by Lisa Komine, is an ending theme which blends so well with the mood of the anime.

Enjoy the sharp comebacks which always manage to draw laughter from me
Nicoletta didn’t exactly give a good first impression when all she talks about in the first 2 episodes was about falling in love with someone’s husband who looks easily 20 years older than her. Not that I have a problem with the age, seeing how I also fantasize about having a 25 year old wife when I turn 40. It just makes Nicoletta seem shallow.

It was great that she focused herself on her cooking skills in the later episodes. Challenging cooking brought another level of depth to her and saves her from nailing the dull “All-I-Can-Think-About-Is-You” sign on her forehead.

Enjoy Nicoletta’s deep thoughts as it reflects on the experience of each episode and shows how she grows through the series

Caught in the act by mom, a.k.a. pPPWnnEEEddd!!! Lol!
Having just a slight bumpy opening episode, it was smooth sailing from episode 2 till the end. Could have milked out the ending just a tad more, giving it another episode to grow. Instead of ending it in a quick one-two-shoot-cut after the birthday party scene. Though, having a slightly short ending did not deter it from giving off a sense of brilliance. Ristorante Paradiso, an anime that lets you appreciate the finer things in life.

Ciao… :p
Ristorante Paradiso
Rating: 5-Stars
Torrents: Shinji


Since this review is rather short, I’m going to include some words which is commonly used in the anime. Ain’t exactly spam, just something you’d come across in Ristorante Paradiso.

Buonasera = Good Evening
Chiuso = Closed
Salve = Hello
Ciao = Bye
Buon Guorno = Good Morning
Grazie = Thank You
Prego = Your Welcome
Santa = Saint
Santa Lucia = a traditional Neapolitan song. More info: Wiki
Buon Compleano = Happy Birthday
Tanti Auguri a te = a more generic “Wish you Well” which can be used for various occasions
Piacere = Please, Pleasure, To Please. More info: Yahoo Answers
Alla Prossima = See you next time


3 responses

  1. Snark

    "love triangle trapped in a harem restaurant filled with old geezers."That is the greatest premise I've ever heard.Congratulations, you have persuaded me to watch Ristorante Paradiso from beginning to the end.

    August 2, 2009 at 4:36 am

  2. blur

    If I did, persuading you to watching this would probably be my proudest achievement for a while. Lol! :p

    August 2, 2009 at 5:27 am

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