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G.A.C.C. Post #2

If you are looking for some cosplayers pics, please come back tomorrow or the day after. I rather talk about the trip and the live performances at G.A.C.C. today.

First off, thanks to Razrig and the guys for having me tag along to G.A.C.C. all the way across the state. Met up with very interesting otakus like Razrig, Ikman, Linkin, Misao, Quazacolt, Eg and Fenrir; and later on E-jump and Wisefreeman. I’m pretty sure someone would be blogging about G.A.C.C. by now, so instead of that, I’ll be writing about the trip first, from the views of a 2nd time convention go-er, as mundane as it is (Hey! It’s my blog! :p) Yes, I’m hiding behind the noObie label again and taking the easy way out… :p

And later on, about the live performance which KICKS ARSZE!!!
Now back to the trip.

Razrig picked me up on Friday night 7pm or so. Met him, Ikhman, and Linkin for the first time and off we went towards Melaka. Got to know each other better as we chat on about animes, conventions, figures, more animes.
*Note to self: You KNOW you’ve got to watch more animes when you don’t know more than HALF the series everyone is talking about

Journey was over before we knew it. Arrived at the designated point and we reached our apartment for the next 2 days in a flash. Spent a few hours fiddling around and had a good time laughing at the cordless Wii that linkin brought. Lol!

Got to warm-up the photography skills. Photo skills by Razrig. Showing me how it’s done! :p

Misao reached with EG, Fenrir and Quazacolt at 2am plus. Got a short drink, Linkin molested some cats, and back to the apartment we went. Apparently, A cat is fine too (Inside joke.. :p). Being the “new” guy, I was just sitting around, being “awkwardly” quiet as I try to get to know everyone better. Time: 4am; Repeat Stage: Awkwardly quiet; and off to bed I go. Everyone else was still chatting, doing some gunplay… basically just chilling.

Not to sure if they mind me putting a name with their face. So I’m not gonna do that for now

9am! The time has come! Woke up, prepare again chill a little before we went for breakfast and head on down to MMU. If I’m not mistaken, we reached there about 10.30am or so. What followed was a terrible wait which lasted till 12pm. G.A.C.C. was supposed to start at 11am mind you. However, I won’t make too much of a noise about it. Just making a fact that it was a shitty wait. Not in a flaming mode I guess. Well, never was much of a flamer. What was I talking about again?

KO’ed for sleeping at 4~5am. Lol!

Oh ya, I’m not going to bitch about the long wait because it was super freaking crazy worth it. Remember this line I just said for later reference.
12pm, doors open and in the crowd goes. Another thing about the door gifts for the first few entrees disturbs me. But again, I won’t mention it cause it’s not worth my effort to think or write about it more than I’ve already have. It’s something miniscule I guess. And now, from something small I’ll move on to talk about something big.

Hot mascot! I hope to one day get a mascot like that for Anime3r

Did you know that you are not suppose to expose dolfie to flashes? The lady behind the booth was shouting “No flashes No flashes” When a few photographers were taking pictures of the dolfie. Luckily, my camera doesn’t use flash. The flash sucks. lol!

And the live performance was BIG! FREAKING HUGE! Listening to the bands, I had a BLAST! Capitalize every fucking word! Even the exclamation mark too! Arigato! :p
All these performances were not those half assed attempts to pass time mind you. It really really rocked! And I think sitting barely 5 meters away from the speakers had something to do with it. Lol!

Yeah Yeah… I know you are bored of my long post by now… So here are some videos!
Without further a due,

ChiChi and the Hentai Boys!

ChiChi and the Hentai Boys! Special Appearance by Mystery Cosplayer X! (Lol!)
By the way.. Can anyone tell me the name of this song? Thanks in advance!

And the l33ts among elitesz!
I bring you… Zeolite

Unfortunately, I had a problem uploading the next 2 songs they played. So I’m gonna push it to my next post guys. Goh Meh Goh Meh!

Also not forgetting Kawai Sakura… *Video not by me

By the way, I’m not blogging chronogically. I’m posting whatever shit I want, whenever I want. Why?! Cause I’m turning EMO! Lol… Just joking.

Truth is, I kind of forgot which band played on G.A.C.C. day 1 and which band on day 2. So I guess I should just post things by category rather than by event day as per usual blog practice. I just enjoy making imaginary excuses. :p

Oh… and yet another thing, this part of the post could have been on top. But I just had to make kluxorious wait. Lol! :p

GACT Vision was one of the booths at G.A.C.C. and had these for sale. I asked them for some info. Found out that they do online transactions and got their contact. All I hope now is that it’s something you were looking for.
GACT Vision

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4 responses

  1. kluxorious

    which figures?!and still no bleach cosplayer…

    August 19, 2009 at 5:31 am

  2. razrig

    u got really nice yuki shoot ^^ mine were fail T___T … yeah it's nice when the cosplayer look at you went taking a pic ^^ but i also didnt manage to get the eye contact in haft of my pic T___T nyoro…..and also i think i also went high on GACC… huhu

    August 19, 2009 at 11:06 am

  3. Anonymous

    Lol… I love that bit about you forgetting to bring your battery chargor…Chillax bud.. I am sure there are more cosplays around.

    August 27, 2009 at 4:16 pm

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