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Koukaku no Regios

I’m not an open-ending type of guy. In fact, I totally hate it. Even as much as I loved Macross Frontier, Alto not choosing between Sheryl and Ranka by the end of the series made me cringed… a little. :p

But Regios managed to pull it off. Despite not having an absolute conclusion to the romance going on, I didn’t have any problems with it. Rethinking over it, the final scenes embed the idea that the ending is along the lines of Layfon being together with Leerin no matter how long it takes. Felli being too “princess” to do anything about her feelings probably crippling Layfon with more kicks at best, Nina will be too caught up trying to be the “Captain” of the platoon and hides her feelings till the end, probably giving Layfon a few slaps on the shoulder, makes a lame joke about her emotions and walks away, shedding tears with her back against Layfon. And Mayshen… Lol! Come on! We all knew she never had a chance to begin with. Then again, watching the series for the 2nd time reminded me that Layfon’s heart never left Leerin in the first place. Beautiful…


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