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09-10-25 Vocaloid Shoot – Nigaito by RayRay

First off, please forgive my sorry-ass-excuse of a post from last night.
I was having an adrenalin hangover since Sunday’s shoot, grumpy, tired, stressed out from work and I have yet to find time to finish my last 2 episodes of Spice and Wolf season 1. Fortunately, today work was much better. Despite my 1 hour of sleep from last night. So I’m all Genki Genki now. Now back to the post…

Was invited to a cos-play photo-shoot last Sunday. Again, thanks to RayRay and Razrig for the invite. Basically RayRay asked Raz to ask around and Raz told me to come along. 🙂

Location: MMU, Cyberjaya.

Cos-players – Character
Rayray – Nigaito
Kazuikori – Yowane Haku
Cutiepie305 – Ainone Kana
Mint – Ainone Kai
Angie00 – Hatsune Miku (Diva)
akiko wolf – Hatsune Miku (Black Rock Shooter)
Chikoness – Toeto Luka
DeidaraGS – MechaKaito

Photographers and Others: Lots of cool guys with mean looking cameras. Lol!

The theme of the day was Vocaloid’s if you haven’t already notice. -.-”

First hour of the photo-shoot, I was all stressed out. Lol! Cause from what I see in the camera. Most of the pictures were somehow or rather too dark. Only later did I found out that it was because the sunlight was reflecting on my camera’s display which makes it LOOK like the pictures were too dark.

By the way, The picture above ^. That’s my weapon by fate. A Sony A300 dslr. Nothing to shout about, a beginner’s machine with your usual beginner’s specs and features.

Finally done touching up on Nigaito, cosplayed by RayRay. Uploaded and I bring to you 4 of my favourite shots of her.

Rayray - Nigaito

Rayray - Nigaito

Rayray - Nigaito

Rayray - Nigaito
Probably the best shot of the day. No touch-up whatsoever, didn’t even crop. Lol!
Picture is as is!

For more of em pictures, do drop by my album at NaNeeeE?!.
Doumo Arigato!


4 responses

  1. kluxorious

    I must say that Miku looks pretty damn cute. Best cosplay of Miku so far (at least the one from malaysia).

    October 27, 2009 at 1:56 pm

  2. blur

    Yeap. Kuzuryu has the best shot of Miku. Looks really nice! Razrig and E-jumps too!Me and my noob shots. -.-"I'll let the atmosphere quiet down a little before I post. So people won't notice the difference too much. Lol!

    October 27, 2009 at 2:02 pm

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