Animes, Photography and everything in between… Pfft..

My FIRST true Filler Post. A particular Saturday…

Before we go into today’s post, allow me to say something.

Dear Razrigz and KC,

That will be all.

Yours Truly,



Why the sudden troll you ask?

Last Saturday, I headed down to a camera outlet with Raz to shop for a new lens to replace my old ones since it wasn’t compatible with my new camera.
I had my mind finally set on something budgeted, nothing too fancy. Brought enough money with change to spare for the lens, a memory card, and a lens filter.
Raz then gave KC a call and that’s when their wicked powers of persuasion started revealing itself.

Skip a car ride to the outlet, a chat with the outlet staff, a few lens swap to test snap later.
A grin on Raz’s face, a grin on outlet staff’s face, a grin on my face. Brainwashed!!!

Instead of going budget on the lens, I pretty much went all out. -.-”
Will be living on bread crumbs and tap water for the next few months…

So… Yeah… Lol.
Raz, Fark you!
KC, Fark you!

Seriously though, Haha. Love the new lens.
Thanks for the recommendation and advise guys.

In case the readers are wondering, yeah, I’ve been pretty much doing all my photoshoots with these 2. Trying to learn and adopt all their skills before I ditch them out in the cold.
MuAaHhaHAhaHHA!!! Joking? Who said I was joking?!

Go ahead, check out some cool photography… Lol.
Raz Baka-Steam!

*Yeah… sure… I’m acting all sugar and spice now. Lol! Just wait!



Had a rather eventful Saturday. Morning involved the whole lens raz-ma-taz story I was spamming on above.

Followed by a short travel to Bangsar Village, a shopping arcade, to check out a K-On cosplay group as they did their rounds to help Animax promote their K-On air date.
Handing out fliers and small gifts. Yes folks! K-On will now be aired in Malaysia. Not National T.V though. Paid channels.

Nice to meet you guys, cosplayers and non-cosplayers alike… 🙂

Have to be honest here. I didn’t exactly take these pictures. I’m not even sure if I should even post them up in here in the first place…
Argh… Pffft… Why contemplate. It’s already uploaded. Might as well!



We then headed down to Berjaya Times Square later in the afternoon. A much bigger shopping mall. With a much bigger event going on. CiB, a MMORPG gaming co, organized a cosplay competition called CiB Xtreme Xposure. Sure sounded like it was made of pure Win.

On the way there, Raz’s car was actually hit… in a stalled traffic jam. Talk about dumb drivers. Lol. Never seen him rage for real before. Hahaha.
Damn it! should have caught him on camera.
Nothing happened though. Just a slight brush. Even my sneeze would have been stronger.

Anyway, reach the event. Mingled and chat. Met even more people. Made shitloads of friends.
To be honest, I actually forgot quite a few of your names by now.
So next time we meet, be smart… Slide your names in a conversation, intentional or not, and make sure I hear it. Lol!
Don’t make me ask! :p

I don’t know if you guys noticed a particular cosplayer above; But boy am I having a hard time.
I’m practically squishing my butt resisting all temptations to go SUPER TROLL!!!

*KAPAAAOOOOWWWWWW – Head explodes..

*Turns off fantasy. Back to reality. Lol.
Ok… Seriously though. I am going to turn my rants and trolling down a notch. Friends been saying that I’m too rude recently. And I don’t want readers coming in just to see what the latest flame topics are.
I rather you read and retard yourself on my anime reviews. Though, doesn’t mean I won’t post what I think. Lol… Self-contradiction. Love it!

That is one point, another being that I don’t want to be the guy who doesn’t give second chances. Hahaha. Must… resist… pedoness…

For more pictures of the event… drop by here.



Finished playing a game, Mass Effect 2 (Pc). And came across this scene where I laughed my balls off. Wasn’t funny, just felt ironic.
Allow me explain the scenario:

On the left, we have Jack. Bald. Vulgar. Psychotic. Powerful psychokinesis (My own words, for better elaboration). Wears tattoos for clothes??
On the right, we have Miranda. Born in a test tube. Genetically modified for perfection. Beauty. Brawns. Powerful bionic exoskeleton (also my own words). In skin-suits 24/7.

And in case you are wondering, you play Commander Shepard, the bald dude in between. Fugly, I know. But he kills aliens for a living. That wins him cool points. :p
Now the situation is, both of them got into a fight. I have to choose and get one of them to back off and support the other. Expecting to win some major love points.
Seriously! Do you even need to ask?! Lolol…

Hmm… Knowing some of the readers, you bastards are actually gonna choose Bald and Psychotic over Beauty and Brains aren’t you. -.-”

I’m Commander Shepard and this is my favorite blog in the Galaxy.
Inside joke for fans of the Mass Effect trilogy. :p



Sure it’s funny the first few times, but COME ON! Now it’s just retarded!!!


13 responses

  1. CJ+Holic

    [Insert Troll Comment Here]
    Cid was here!

    March 9, 2010 at 3:56 am

  2. Just like you get farting dragons, I still get skinny penis, and bumps on the penis shaft. But those are the only two. What the fuck is up with that?

    March 9, 2010 at 9:12 am

  3. Yeah, that’s what happens, when you meet a shitload of people you won’t remember a single name…
    Well, I won’t remember a single name >.>
    Looks like we’re in the same fine dining boat, blur. i suggest digestives with milk, even though milk is extravagantly expensive nowadays. the chocolate coated digestives are real good, but they may cost even more than the milk depending on the amount of milk you get, so you should only break them out on special occasions. Everything in moderation.
    Neither of their eyes are big or watery enough, so I choose neither.

    March 9, 2010 at 10:19 am

  4. people are really happy that K-ON is coming to our cable TV, don’t they? I wish them mental health.

    oops, I forgot that you like K-ON blur. XD

    March 9, 2010 at 11:33 am

  5. razrig

    blur .. we know u love us for it hohoho nice poison~~`

    March 9, 2010 at 7:39 pm

  6. Pingback: 2010-03-06 CiB Xtreme Xposure « NaNeeeE?!

  7. CJ+Holic

    Hey blur why is K-ON crappy? 😛

    March 10, 2010 at 4:18 am

  8. FaS

    LOLLLL, I LOVE the search results lol. Just tooo funny. And jeeeez, those 3 girls in the beginning, idk if you know knowwww them, but they can get it in the face from me (unless one’s your sister or something) lol. But anyways, I so wish I could go and witness cosplay. Really cool man! I wouldn’t call this a filler post at all!

    March 10, 2010 at 9:59 am

  9. Yi

    Haha, love that choice in mass effect.
    Anyway, interesting posts will always get funny search results. ^ ^
    Someone’s really fascinated with dragons and dragon farts…

    March 10, 2010 at 4:52 pm

  10. @Cid
    Lol. Who said K-On is crappy!
    In NaNeee?!, K-On rules! Lol!!!

    Heck I’m going to change my blog theme to K-On… one day…. :p

    Hahaha. Have you ever written an articles on herpes or something?
    I’m pretty sure you used that word every now and then. Lol. That could be it.

    Lol@Daily Diet advise. Will adhere!
    Had a slice of bread and a cup of milk for today’s brunch. Lol.

    Nothing chocolaty. -.-”
    Need to go to the supermarket this weekend and pick up some good jams or something. Lol.

    Lol. The moment you mention big and watery, all I can think of is Clannad.

    Oof… That was below the belt!
    Lol. Who IS mentally fit nowadays anyway? Lol.

    and also… HAAAAaaaaAaPPPPpPYyYYYY BIiiiiiRRTTHDAaaAAAYYYY!!!

    Am going to do that again in your blog in a bit.. Lol.

    Hahaha… Well, I wouldn’t exactly use the word looove. Xp

    I’ll refrain from commenting to avoid cosplayers avoiding me. Still want to take more photographs you know.
    Not like they aren’t reading this now. -.-” Lol.
    But like I always said, at least I’m honest. :p

    This really felt like a filler post cause I was just spamming on about how the day went.
    Seemed to me like it was one of those “Today I went to the local bakery. I had some cheesecake. It was good.” post. Lol.

    Or god forbid, “Today I had ramen. I also brought a Haruhi figure with me. This is a picture of my ramen and my haruhi figure. Worship me” LOLOLOL.
    Sorry, couldn’t resist. HAhahA. DC, if you by any chance stumble upon this. Was just for a good laugh. Nothing personal this time. Lol.

    Yeap. Lol. Mass effect had a few epic moments as a game itself. Definitely recommended if you are into third person shooters.

    The thing about the search is, I don’t even remember when I did a post about dragons. I don’t think I ever did. Fart maybe. But dragons? don’t think so. Lol.

    March 10, 2010 at 6:22 pm

  11. And here I am, still waiting for key words at least half as funny as yours so I can post them and create a really funny filler post o_o

    btw, those K-ON cosplayers did a great job!

    March 10, 2010 at 10:30 pm

  12. @Canne
    Lol. U don’t need funny keywords when you’ve got solid posts like yours.

    Yeap. The K-On cosplayers were WIN!

    March 17, 2010 at 6:15 pm

  13. That’s a lot of stuffs in one rant Oo And yeah i’m freaking late sorry
    Anyway you are prompt to be influenced when you decide to buy something expensive but where you don’t know anything about (like a flat tv) and everybody can come with an advice and in the end you come up with a tv (a great one yes) but who pulverize all you budget. Thanks friends really 😀

    Cute cosplays !!!! Nothing too fancy since it’s kon but it’s cute anyway 🙂

    Ahhh Mass Effect 2, what a fucking good game lol Believe me or not but i couldn’t achieve any love relation, well of course my Shepard was a women and i don’t think Myranda is a lesbian (who knows) …
    Anyway maybe Jack is wonderful as a lover, how could you know 😀

    The fart dragon must be a joke from a friend ^^ It’s a damn good if it’s a joke 😀

    March 19, 2010 at 7:56 pm

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