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10-03-20 GACC – Post 2

Damn Stupid Leaves!!! Argh… Would have easily been a great shot!



Let’s talk about Fags today. No, not gays. I’m fine with gays and definitely wouldn’t mind gay friends.
As long as they don’t try anything funny, no one gets hurt.

The fags I’m talking about generally refers to people who suck. Klux and Glo would know about that wouldn’t they. :p
Well, from my 2 days attending the event, I came across 2 types of fags.
1st type of fags come from the general spectators.

During the late afternoon of day 1, I was doing a shoot with some maid cosplayers. Just the usual pose-shoot-pose-shoot. Then came 3 fags. They wanted to take some pictures with the cosplayers. Came near and “loudly announced” that they wanted the cosplayers to pose in specific ways with them. While waiting, they would just go on and on and on. They weren’t talking obscene. But the manner in which they talked to each other were provocative and just plain rude to the cosplayers. They got louder as they started to get impatient. Normally, I’d let them snap a picture of two before I continue with my shoot. But them being rude pricks from the beginning didn’t exactly get along with me. So what did I do, I took my time. Lol! Didn’t want to cause any inconvenience to the cosplayers though so I kept my cool while I was at it.

Seriously though, freaking Asian Rednecks if there ever were such a term.

That wasn’t the only time retarded farks were around. Throughout the day, I could hear fags whistle and make rude remarks (of the slightly provocative nature) at different cosplayers. Well, keep your damn french fry in your pants fags. Jizz in it if you have to. Don’t farking show the public you are on hit.
2nd type of fags, surprisingly, comes from photographers.

I don’t know if anyone else had this problem, but there was this one brainless photographer.

Cosplayer poses.
Photographer takes a shoot or shots.
Looks at his shot.
If it’s good, photographer makes way for other photographers to take their shots.

That’s the standard routine right?
NooOOOooooOOoo… This dumb fark takes a shot. Then freaking stand still at the spot. You’d have to ask him to make way.

Ok, maybe it didn’t occur to him about the other photographers at first. So we asked him to move once. Then twice. Then thrice.
Fark. He isn’t moving every shot. He won’t move if you don’t ask him to.

At least wise up to turn around and see if there are any photographers waiting behind you. I mean, COME ONNN…

Could have been intentional?
I don’t know. But he just isn’t letting any others get a shot. After a few shots or so, I went away cause I was starting to get in a bad mood. Started to shoot another cosplayer instead. But I knew a photographer who was still focusing on that specific cosplayer. Lol! He filled me in on how that dumb ass just blocked all the photographers throughout the duration of the shoot.

And you know what, I was shooting the other cosplayer and STILL he manage to get into my photo and disrupt my shot. I shouted at him to go away and guess what?

Yup. He doesn’t budge one farking bit. I asked the cosplayer for his name. Shouted his name calling him to get the hell out of my way. And still he doesn’t budge. WtFH!
Finally someone went up close and told him that he was in my frame. He was 5 freaking steps away and I was shouting at the top of my voice.

1st, get your neck check. Make sure you can turn your head at least 70 degree to check your back.
2nd, get your ears check. Maybe get some hearing aid if you have to.
3rd, get your brain checked. Ask the doctor if you have one. Cause seriously, it sure doesn’t seem like you do.

Oh, if you think I might be talking about you and feel offended. Post a comment. Describe yourself and what you were wearing on day 2. Then I’ll tell you if you are right. And if you are right, being the dumb ass photographer, and this post seems too offensive. GOOD! I never meant for it to be any less.

Edit: Don’t describe yourself. Just post a link to your picture. Make things simpler for both of us. 😉

Today we’ve talked about fags. Tomorrow, we talk about trolls. Lol!





Hmmm… Honestly, I considered taking my rant above down. Mainly cause I met a lot of new cosplayers and I didn’t exactly want to creep them out. Sounding all violent and shit. But then again, my blog has always been a little vulgar hasn’t it. Lol. What the heck!

Also, want to apologize to all the visitors and others on my blogroll for not replying or doing my rounds. Works picking up, Still got tons of photos to edit, Animes getting backlogged, not watched any for the past few days, still needing sleep to rejuvenate from the trip, even Facebook is picking up. Lol. WtF?!

Welcome to NaNeee?! Ninjovee (always get you mixed up with Ningyo… Lol) and Vagish. Enjoy your stay and hope to see you guys around more. 🙂
Lastly… to me, GACC stands for God’s Almighty Cosplay Convention.

Lol. Just fooling around. Games Animes Cosplay Convention. Either that or Games Animes Comic Cosplay…
Or something like that. Lol. -.-“


10 responses

  1. Chikoness

    Do i know that “photographer”? :DDDDDD

    Omg there were pricks like that disturbing cosplayers? Thank God i didnt come across any, guess my dress/coat was so damn long, no one bothered. =w=;

    March 23, 2010 at 10:21 pm

  2. meh, your rant is alright. Not exactly vulgar. The fucked up dudes/dudettes deserved to be treated like a fucked dude/dudette. As for the brainless photographer, I probably would have stepped inside of his frame intentionally and act exactly like he was and see if he likes it.

    Anyway, I heard that this is the last year they are doing GACC. Is that true?

    March 24, 2010 at 2:39 am

  3. mbek

    Don’t worry, I will tell him to gtfo in a nice way, if next time he saw you guys again ;D

    March 24, 2010 at 12:01 pm

  4. @Chiko
    Nope. Lol. Don’t think you know which photographer I’m talking about.
    He was out of the hall most of the time and was someone I’ve never met before.

    Anyone did any whistling, Randy would be there. 😉

    Lol. Now why didn’t I think of that! Should have stand in front of him and see what he thinks.

    Erm… Not too sure about the Last GACC. That IS what everyone is saying. But I have the tendencies to hold on to hope. :p

    RaWr. Lol…

    Thank you mbek. For dropping by and future assistance if so required. Xp

    March 24, 2010 at 5:43 pm

  5. Asian redneck is actually a perfectly viable term. Conventions always seem to draw fags at some point. I remember the HK ACG, when Nakagawa Shouko was supposed to appear and she was late – they had replacement bands play while waiting for her to get there. People were actually booing them off the stage, and not just a few groups of people, too. That really troubled me.

    I just realized how much you like tilted shots, blur 😮

    Y’know, there’s always BBB if Ningyo is too hard to remember. ButtBumpBuddy >:3

    March 25, 2010 at 4:48 am

  6. razrig

    i see the fag~~ i yell at the fag~~ i should kick the fag~~

    March 25, 2010 at 2:27 pm

  7. Shit I missed out on some great posts lately. I’ve been bedridden with illness and anime, mainly the former, cut me some slack.

    The first set of fags seem more like your everyday dick. The best way to handle them is to go up to them, ask them to show you the pose they want, and kick them right in the balls, followed by an uppercut to the face. Tell them that you know karate, and that you’ll nun-chuck the shit out of them. When they don’t believe you, kick them in the balls again. If they’re females, then headbutts to the ovary will do.

    The second one is DEFINITELY a fag. Full class fag. I can tell already the exact type of person he is too. A fag (why am I repeating myself, you already know this). Anyway, this fag clearly doesn’t learn, and I’ve found through teaching small children learn the best when you beat them heavily, until they bleed. And even though I made that last part up, there’s no reason why you can’t still use it as an excuse to teach this fag how to move. If he still doesn’t understand the ability of movement after you and others tell him a third time. Let him know with a smack. Nothing much, just at first a little shove out of the way, nothing that gives any hint of animosity. After that, increase the level of push each time you tell him to move. When (if) it gets to 10 times telling him to move, and he’s still not getting it, shove him hard and trip him at the same time, so he falls hard to the ground. Hopefully his expense camera that he most likely boasts to all of his friends about breaks. If not, feel free to “accidentally” jump on it a few times until it does.

    And that is how you handle fags….you smoke em (get it? like…a fag… England they call cigarettes fags…..okay then).

    March 26, 2010 at 3:16 pm

  8. Also, is that an Echo cosplay? Good to see someone’s got love for Echo (even though Alice kicks echo’s ass in terms of awesomeness).

    March 26, 2010 at 3:35 pm

  9. Wow you’re so pissed off lol but i understand what you feel.
    But it’s inevitable to meet jerks in convention like this. The more the people are here, the more jerks are among them 😉
    Cosplayers look awesome as always 😛

    March 27, 2010 at 10:09 pm

  10. @Ningyo
    Lol@Tilted shots.

    I actually don’t like em that much. But it just seems necessary to make the photos seem a little more interesting. I lack the ability to do so without tilting. -.-”

    Needs more experience!

    Hahaha… BBB. I thought we were pass that phase?

    Yeah! Screw the Fag….

    No wait! I think that’s what he wants. Lol.

    Sounds like someone remembers Maddox’s lessons well. Lol.

    I have no idea who is Echo though. I’m guessing Pandora Hearts. But can’t seem to remember which character is he.

    Yeap. Undeniably true. Both about the jerks and cosplayers. 😉

    March 30, 2010 at 10:54 pm

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