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10-03-28 GuroLolita – 4

As once said; There are many ways to tighten ones bonds.
…Spilling of Blood,
…Hunting of Preys,
…Sharing of Kills.
Beasts, Humans or Demons alike.

For look past the mirror and you will see that they are all but reflections under a different skin.

What? Just because it’s April’s Fool day you thought you are safe from gore?
Think again…

As such, a day without a prey is what all but one needs to break. Mind and Soul.
…The Beast’s Instinct to hunt amongst it’s kind.
…The Human’s Gluttony which knows no patience or self restraint.
…The Demon’s True Nature, not bound by the laws or morals of the sane.

For it is then when Genocide occurs.

Ok… I admit. I actually refrained from using the suitable photo as the main picture above. And went for something a little more subtle.
A friend was dropping by NaNeee?! and he told me it was freaky. Lol.


One response

  1. eye patch girl with gun is great.

    April 3, 2010 at 2:20 pm

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