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Wangan Midnight Live Action Movie

REAL racers sit lower than the steeering wheel. LOL!



Ok… I lied. I’ve started writing again. Lol. Well, technically, I didn’t. This post was drafted up last week. Seemed a little too personal to be posted in NaNeee?! but Aniblog Tourney kinda stirred up abit of the blogging excitement in me. So here I am. AHahAHa!

I can be a fickle minded prick at times.

You guys remember Wangan Midnight? Well, I found out there is a Live Version movie for it. Got myself a copy and watched it last night.

It’s simple, any shows which managed to reignite a certain passion in its viewers is a good show. In my case, I now have a sudden itch to start modifying cars again. Lol!
That, my friends, is very… very… bad news. Bad news for me. Good news for Wangan Midnight. Cause this means the show is good. It’s a 4. 🙂

Anyway, I’m going to tell you guys about my car life story. Its obviously going to be majorly tl:dr. So please, feel free to skip if uninterested.



My first car was a Honda Civic EK 4-door powered by a D16 heart. (Lol… I can already hear the readers going “Awww Damn… another Honda fanboy”)
I was never into cars back then, even though I was trotting the Civic around. It was just another means of transport for me.

That all changed when a friend suddenly called all of us up. Told us he was going for a race at the local track and invited us along. Went we did, and that was it!
That was when my eyes were opened to the world of car tuning for the first time.

Exhausts were fuming,
Engines were roaring,
Crowds were cheering

And the wheels screeching as it screams for traction has never. Sounded. Better.

Not long after that, hell broke loose I guess. Spent all my money on the Civic, which obviously, wasn’t a lot, considering that I just got into college. Family wasn’t too happy with me blowing away my life savings on the car too. Got into frequent “disagreements”. We wouldn’t fight. I strongly (and I mean STRONGLY) believes in never raising your voice against your parents, no matter what. So every time I got pissed at my parents’ constant nagging, I’d swallow it down. Go out of the house or find somewhere secluded. Break lose. And start taking everything as a punching bag. What can I say? I’m your typical Chinese guy. Lol!

Anyway, back to topic.

Not long after that, obsession got worst. I needed more money to afford an engine swap. Was determined on it, so I dropped out of day college and switched to night classes. Id be working my ass off during the day. Thing was, being a non-grad means you don’t exactly get the “market rate” pay. I was earning Rm700 a month. Thankfully, lunch was included. Lol!

That was how I past my 2nd year. Life was a biatch than. Couldn’t hang out with friends as nights were filled with classes. Anyway, fast forward a year. Turned out I didn’t get to save as much as I thought I would. Lol. Still couldn’t afford an engine swap. Pfft…!

I didn’t want to risk flunking my third and final year. So I stopped working and went back to full time classes. Fast forward a year again. I graduated, joined the working community. Become a “corporate zombie”. But all this while, still fiddling with my Civic. Wasn’t long before I finally saved enough for the big Kahuna. Nyee Hee Hee!

Yeap. Finally did it!

No! Not an engine swap. I went for something even wilder. I turbocharged my Civic. “SOHC pWnage biatch!” is what they would have said. Lol!
From then on, I started joining legal races. As in autocross. One after another after another. Lol!
Had the best time ever! Lol. Did it for a year in my civic before I finally decided to sell the car.
Yeap… I sold my baby in the end.


I decided it was time to actually do some proper family planning and tie the knot with my 7 year girlfriend (which, unfortunately, end up going on our separate ways). Having the Civic around, I couldn’t control my urge to just splurge money on the car. And that definitely isn’t how you plan for a family. Lol!

From a Honda Civic… I switched to a Hyundai Getz. Lol! Talk about taking a big step back.
Low fuel consumption, small cylinder capacity, manual. Yeap. Definitely a budget minded car.

Stopped car tuning for good though. Ain’t exactly my top interest anymore. And the Getz is purely a daily beater now. Lol! I torture it like there’s no tomorrow. Scratched, unwashed, skimping on the servicing. Still… I love my Getz… sometimes. -.-”

The… End…

Lol. I apologize if I disappointed readers expecting pictures of my car. It’s… a… stinking… Getz… What kinda pictures do you need?

You can tutor me anytime. Hurr Hurr Hurr… Lol.


2 responses

  1. LOL!!! You are indeed the good son! 😀

    How the heck are ya? Been some time since I’ve blogged or visited someone else’s. Wangan Live Action looks pretty good… think I’ll be checking this out for myself too!

    Until next time. 😉

    April 22, 2010 at 8:15 am

  2. Lol. I am ain’t I? Xp

    Yeah… Pretty darn long since I saw you around!
    The thing about Wangan Midnight is that you don’t have to be really into cars to enjoy the movie. That’s a plus. 🙂

    April 24, 2010 at 1:07 pm

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