Animes, Photography and everything in between… Pfft..

Shangri-Trap-Arashi-Ichozen-Weiss WtF?!

Nudeeeeee? Lol.

Not funny?

Damn… I’m in trouble. -.-”

Shangri-La ladies and gentlemen.

First, to give readers a little background (Yes, I’m not too lazy to write up a little background for once.. -.-”).

A massive earthquake destroys Japan. As a way to spark recovery and prevent future disasters such as this, the government adopted project Atlas. A project ot build a massive infrastructure to house most of not all citizens of future Japan. As you would expect, there is more than meets the eye regarding Atlas. Truths, origins, conflicts are then unveiled as the anime progresses.

One word for you, Misdirection. That’s right.
No other anime excels in misdirection as good as Shangri-la.

First unveiled early on in the series was the conflict between the government (Atlas residents) and the “outsiders” (non-Atlas residents). Then the focus shifted to some alien entity almost suddenly. Then back to the outsiders. Then to Atlas. Then back to the outsiders. Then back to the alien entity; which was later revealed as a damn vegetable, literally. Then to Atlas. Then back to outsiders. Then to someone’s grandma. Back to the vegetable. Back to Atlas.
End of story. -.-”

I still have no idea what the characters were trying to achieve by the end of the story. Some characters even just blardy died off without resolving anything. Lol! Talk about redundant casts.

Some characters did express what they were doing but here were so much back and forth going on, it reached a point where I didn’t give a rat’s ass about the story anymore.

It quickly went from a super opening, interesting series starter to a boring mid series. And the ending… well, it just plain sucked.


Rating: 2-Stars
More info:



Upon finishing Shangri-La, I started Trapeze. Dropped it 5 minutes later. Looks way way too random for my taste. Lol.



Natsu no Arashi Season 2

HahaHA! Haven’t laughed so hard from watching animes since… Tokyo Godfathers. Lol! Not that long ago it seems. Hmm… felt like it’s been ages.

It’s funny, it’s random. And I really like how the ladies were diversely portrayed. A little steamy at times but Hey! I ain’t complaining. :p

nothing better to help kick-start the burning passion for animes I once had. Lol! I sarcastically snarled at myself writing this down. Yeah… Right!

My only complain on Natsu no Arashi is that it probably won’t have an ending. Ever… -.-”
Which kills the mood if you think about it. One of the main reason why I’m clearing this in the first place is to see how Hajime and Arashi will turn out. To end with just a “And so, life continues” just beats the shit out of the previously mentioned reason. Also, I’m guessing there won’t be a Season 3, considering how the anime ended.

Natsu no Arashi Akinai Chu (S2)
Rating: 5-Stars
More info:



Seitokai no Ichozen- DROPPED! Lol! It’s an adaptation from a h-game parodying off every single anime along the way. Fun in the first episode. Fed up the next. It did look like it might get funnier as you watch on. But not going to bother with 2nd guesses. Dropped. -.-”



Who would have thought, that I’d actually get a good time out of watching Weiss Survive. Hah! Bet you guys are as dumbfounded too. 48 minutes in total. Full of random crap. No TCG strategy here folks. Just funny… random… crap.
Don’t see myself going for season 2 though. -.-”

Weiss Survive
Rating: 4-Stars
More info:



Ok. it’s about time I caught up with the going-on’s of the amine-sphere instead of still trying to clear off my list which is only getting longer as time passes.

Animes I will be dropping; Unless anyone has anything to say about it.

And my list will reset with Umeniko (which I’ve already started at time of posting this), Bakemonogatari, Sora no Woto, Durarara, Heroes, AND OF COURSE! K-On Season 2.
Naruto, Bleach and FMA… still chasing.. 🙂



Last but not least, not suppose to be funny. Just brings back some memories when I started the whole anime-blogging jiggamabob.

Lol. I remember asking the very same question myself once… What anime are they from? o.0!!


7 responses

  1. Do not drop:

    Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu
    Durarara is supposed to be good but I haven’t seen it.

    I dropped Shangri-la after the 4th episode, when I couldn’t take it anymore. Shangri-la the anime couldn’t hold a candle to Shangri-la the Chatmonchy song.

    Natsu no Arashi was awesome. I wish they would make another season, but I don’t think it will happen, as you said, considering the ending.

    Weiss Survive will immediately be watched by me, as I LOVE random crap that is funny. Most random crap is funny.

    May 19, 2010 at 12:14 am

  2. Well, Weiss Survive is no where to be found online, so it looks like I’m not watching it. What’s with all these 2 minute shits instead of full episodes? Bullshit.

    May 19, 2010 at 2:02 am

  3. It just goes to show how retardedly blind you are when it comes to anime these days if you have Baka to Test and Durarara!! in your dropping list.

    Come back to us Blur!

    And I have yet to complete Shangri-la. Dammit >_<

    May 19, 2010 at 8:26 pm

  4. @Glo

    For other readers, watch this youtube! Why? Cause Glo mentioned it!

    Ok! Ok! Baka to Test is back on list! Lol!

    Hey! I may be retarded but I’m not blind!!!
    Wait… that doesn’t sound right. Lol.

    Durarara!! is not in my drop list. I didn’t realize it was even in there until I saw your comment. Phew… Thanks! Saved me hours of redownload.

    Out of curiousity, which ep of Shangri-La are you at now? lol.
    I’d say drop it while you can… HahHAha!
    But then again, you know how uniquely different our tastes are right? Xp

    May 19, 2010 at 9:44 pm

  5. I skipped your review of Shangri-la because I don’t want any spoilers but seems like you don’t like it.

    I am still in the earlier episodes and so far I’m liking the quality of each episodes and the characters. *shrugs* I guess we do have different taste in anime XD

    May 20, 2010 at 12:09 am

  6. I was about to say:

    ..but you did say it was there by accident.

    I say you should re-consider Kimi ni Todoke. If you’re a fan of romance and shoujo, it’s pretty good.

    Tegami Bachi… I have to admit, the first season was pretty sleep-inducing after the first few episodes since most focused on characterization on different characters but I think season two coming this fall might pick up the slack caused by season 1. So, I suggest that you watch at least the first few episodes and the last one at the least. I have to admit though, I was there initially because FukuJun was cast as Gauche. ^^;

    June 6, 2010 at 12:02 am

  7. Lol… I don’t think anyone in their right mind would drop DRRR. Due to the sheer amount of positive comments it’s been getting…

    *thumbs up!

    June 8, 2010 at 7:17 pm

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