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10-06-06 Asia Cosplay Meet

Hmm… I actually can’t think of anything to say. Mainly cause there’s a shitload of other things to think about right now…

Hmm… Oh ya! Shitloads of people to Thank though.
Thanks to Raz for the ride.
Thanks to klux for meeting up.
Thanks to the cosplayers for letting me snap.
Oh! and the Singaporean cosplayers were awesome!!

What else? That’s about it…
Thanks for dropping by NaNeee?!




Wait! Remembered some rants I have. If they don’t learn from this mistake, they will basically screw every event hence forth. Lol…

Ok! First off, here is how they organized things that day. To enter the cosplayers section to take photographs, you had to apply for a Red Carpet pass. Nothing difficult. Just go to a booth. Jot down your particulars, get a pass and you are off towards the cosplayers section.

Problem 1, they ran out of pass early morn. Lol. Misao who came barely minutes after me and Raz could not enter the cosplayers section because they ran out of a freaking piece of paper to hang around your neck.

Well, La-Ti-Freaking-Da. There goes the 4 hours of drive across 2 states.

Problem 2, Ok. We are in the Red Carpet zone. Cool! They prepared a white backdrop for photographers! Lol. If only it wasn’t the size of a damn door width. -.-”
Alright… It might possibly have been wider than a door. 2 doors. Fark that… 3 doors even.

Still can’t do jack when you have a blardy red carpet. Everyone’s face was turning blood shot red. Looked like they were putting on red war paint ready for the next L4D2 meet-up.

Problem 3, The worst shit of all. The cosplayers section were too god damn freaking small. How can you expect the cosplayers to rest well and be at their best throughout the event when you pack everyone into such a small area.

Not enough area to go around?

Bullshit!! Most booths had space to spare! Squeeze them in!
Lack of foresight pawns biatches like you!

*Notice that throughout the post I used “YOU” instead of anyone specific in general. Well, cause I don’t know who to point the finger at. And, well, I have 10 fingers. Xp
Hey! my blog. I can blame all I want… Lol!



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I also know most viewers will be too lazy to check out all the photos. And wordpress loads like a biatch. So I’m going to tell you which photo to open. How’s that!


4 responses

  1. lavhire

    LOOOOL awesome pics… seen some great cosplayers….

    very very very un-awesome event eh?

    June 8, 2010 at 8:44 pm

  2. As per most events…
    The awesome part for me is the cosplayers…
    Come to think of it, it has always been about the cosplayers…


    June 8, 2010 at 8:50 pm

  3. The organizers were Singaporean so yeah, kiasu all the way. It pissed me off when

    #1 the MC keep telling us how Malaysian would speak. FFS we don’t speak like that. Singaporean are!

    #2 speaking in mandarin. Err… hello, this was considered an international event, was it not? You’ll have cosplayer from Korea and Phillipines for the competition right? At least speak English la. I mean, was it that hard to translate? Find a better MC. Those whore are not (continue to point #3)

    #3 the fucking MCs were morons.

    The best moment was to meet you guys. Too bad we couldn’t talk more. You guys were too busy wiping the nosebleed.

    I mean have you seen the lolita? Damn she’s hot @_@

    June 9, 2010 at 1:30 am

  4. @klux
    Lol. I actually have no beefs with the MC’s. Mainly cause I didn’t even stop to hear what they were saying. Was busy firing the camera away.

    All I took note of, was them announcing cosplayers names. In case it was the ones who we were shooting.

    Lol@Wiping noseblood…
    And drool… -.-“

    June 11, 2010 at 7:37 am

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