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10-05-22 Nichiyou [PV][Omosh.]

Nichiyou means Sunday, literally… I think -.-”
I don’t know Japanese so I can’t really derive much from the lyrics.
But from what I understand, It’s about Miku and Rin going out on a nice little Sunday. Having fun and trolling around. Yeap… troll be the keyword. Lol!

I present to you guys, the noobiestest slideshow to hit this side of earth. Lol…

Seriously… Do pardon the rugged editing and bad directing k. Lol… My first attempt at a slideshow PV. Come to think of it, why is it called a PV. Why not a MV? -.-”

Anyway (you guys must be bored of me saying this every single freaking post by now, but seriously…), a biiiig thanks to Angie, Mbek and Aiko. And more thanks to the other peeps Kc, Raz, Lavena. Just cause I want to… 😉

It went from an ah hoc solo random shoot to an ah hoc group cosplay shoot to a scripted shoot to a slideshow PV attempt. Lol. Don’t even ask me how that happened… -.-”

Kagamine Rin/Len by Angie
Hatsune Mikuo by Mbek
Hatsune Miku by Aiko Shorin

Whhhat?! Don’t watch this here. Go to Youtube! Watch the 720p version.
Or Chuck Norris is going to come after you! You Hear!!!
I’ve even taken the liberty of putting this long link so you guys won’t miss it by any blind chance.
So seriously!


Constructive comments majorly welcomed!
Non-constructive also welcomed actually, just make sure you keep the trash talk targeted at me instead of the cosplayers. RaWR!!


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