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10-11-06 Hakuouki, Cowboys



Modern Strange Cowboy by Granrodeo
From one of the most retarded animes ever!
Filled with mindless fist swaps and brawn flashing. Big talk and small brains.

My effing cup of tea! Lol!

Hey Japan.. You need more animes like this..



Do a shoot with this Hakuouki group and you really can’t go wrong. Seriously!

No matter how tired you are,
No matter how bad the weather is,
No matter how harsh the lighting condition.

Their cosplay is just Awesome!
And will more than cover for the flaws you make.

Also feels like ages since I did a trip/shoot jiggamabob with both Raz AND Kc. Lol!
Was hell-a-Fun… 🙂
Not forgetting Ryeain’s company. Who helped remind me to keep my speed down when making our way home to KL.
*thumbs up

Hmm… maybe some apologies for fooling around on the road. Lol!
Didn’t mean to drive as fast as I did.

*points at KC!



Hmm… But seriously, the weather was crazy hot that day.
The air was dry as farts and the sun was a burning hell. Wind? What wind!
I can only imagine how terrible the cossers felt as they were all wearing AT LEAST double layers inside.
And I’m talking about long thick coats mind you.
Not your street bought 20 bucks tees. Like mine.. Xp

Kudos to the cossers for holding it in throughout the shoot.

P.S: New Track Record… Kc gg’ed in like… 1 hour. Lol!
I would troll him more if not for the fear of getting beat up… haHaha!



But the hot and sunny weather kinda help me start to appreciate High Speed Sync flash mode.
Although it’s a little harsh now, but I’m confident that I can improve given more experience.
Hmm… Maybe a zoom lens might help?
Not too sure… More research required.

Oh! Oh! Oh!
Thanks to Zoey and Devilbat for dropping by. Was looking forward to meet you guys even just to say Hi.
Kinda forgot to wish you good luck for AFA at that time. So I guess I’ll just do it here.. Lol!
GOod luck guys! RaaWWrrRR!!!



Toshizo Hijikata by Yue
Souji Okita by Ren
Saito Hajime by Senyakun
Sanosuke Harada by Sakuraijean
Heisuke Todo by Penguin
Chikage Kazama by Yoyoi

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4 responses

  1. R


    November 12, 2010 at 12:38 am

  2. R

    Love those solo shots.. awesome!! >w<
    Both background is eye catching ! *lovelovelove!!!

    November 12, 2010 at 12:44 am

  3. Lol.. Thanks.
    Though have to admit, I still need shitloads of improvement when it comes to group shots… -.-“

    November 13, 2010 at 12:22 am

  4. me also HOT after saw it all!
    damm HOT!!!!!!!!!!!! me LOVE~
    very nice eh~ jeles……….

    November 24, 2010 at 9:24 pm

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