Animes, Photography and everything in between… Pfft..

11-03-13 xxxholic, Near



Answer is near by ONE OK ROCK.

Sorry if I let you guys down.
Seriously got to work on my group shots…

To disappoint cossers with a bad shoot is one thing.
But to disappoint people who put so so much effort into it..

Leaves a bitter aftertaste I tell you.
Makes you wonder what you have been doing…
Makes you wonder if you did right..

Too late for me to say lesson learned..
But not too late to make sure it never happens again..

Now let’s see how long i can keep this integrity until i fark up again…



Kimihiro Watanuki by Yukito
Yuuko Ichihara by Venus
Shizuka Doumeki by Justin
Zashiki warashi by Emily
Ame Warashi by Marianne
Moro by Tsukasa
Maru by Evelyn

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