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11-03-20 Seed, Gundam



Wedding Dress by TaeYang

Hmm… Ok… Been abit down for the past 2 months.
Been causing everyone to worry. Despite me saying everything is alright.

I know I know.. My non-shoot posts doesn’t exactly help either.

But things will get better.. I believe it.
Actually, it already is. And you guys have to trust me when I say this.
But I’m doing way better than ever.
Am NOT talking about photography wise duhhhhhhhhhh…

I believe..
I believe in more than you think…
I just don’t like to show it.
Instead, somehow or rather, I always end up showing otherwise… -.-”

Lol.. Damn I’m wacked!

Edit: Crap! Forgot to add…

First time working with Henin…
2nd time with Mashimaro.. 🙂

Enjoy my time with them..
Will look forward to more…




Gundam Seed Destiny
Stella Loussier by Mashimaro
Lacus Clyne by Henin

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One response

  1. R

    wow flare is one new thing in ur photography .. but I still syoik bokeh >w<

    March 23, 2011 at 10:58 pm

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