Animes, Photography and everything in between… Pfft..

11-07-31 MacrossFrontier, Tsubasa



Macross Frontier ~SAYONARA NO TUBASA~’s movie trailer

Ok… Seriously…
It was either this video, Britney Spears’s Till The World Ends, or Belaian Jiwa by Innuendo.
That’s how desperate I’m getting…



Definitely got to make this a Thank you post. *Hint*Next post will be a Thank You spam too.. 🙂
Have to thank the guys for letting me leech their shoot.
Practically nudge Kc to ask if he had any shoot I can join before he went out.
No questions asked. No conditions set. Just go ahead and join… *bromance you man!

Hmm… Yeah…
Am kinda glad I’m still able to chat with everyone despite not seeing each other for quite some time now.
Maybe slightly awkward. But still good.. Xp
Need to warm up a little though.. break the ice.
U know..

Next event bring your gattling gun.. Lol!
As someone once said,
Cosplay Photography is serious business…




Macross Frontier, Sayonara No Tsubasa

Sheryl Nome, White Navy version by Cheryl
Grace O’ Conner by Akiyumi
Ranka Lee, Magician version by Lavena

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