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11-07-31 Hetalia, Prayer



Dante’s Prayer by Loreena McKennitt

You’d probably know by now that song was recommended by Cappy in facebook.



Didn’t I tell you last post what to expect? -.-”
Yeah… another Thank-You post.

Again… A super short notice.
Called them when the penguin and sakurai were putting on makeup.
Literally getting ready for the shoot already.
Gave them a call, “Jom!” and straight i went to meet up before heading to the shoot location.

Doumo Arigato Berbanyaks…. oTL

On a side note… \oTL
Seriously.. no more MacD for me.
I would actually like to outlive a particular someone..

I don’t know if you guys notice by now. But they really do awesome as a group.
And things like these don’t just come overnight.
At least i don’t think so.

Not often do I prefer group shots over solos.
But look at this shoot’s photos and you will notice for once I have more group shots than solo shots.
Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find cosplay mates who you can stick to on such a long period.
*Or maybe it’s just me and my temper
I know I don’t have first hand experience,
Just saying what I’m seeing..

That’s why, I’m kinda happy for this bunch of monkeys..
And sure am happy to be able to shoot with them. *thumbsup




Hetalia Axis Powers

Southern Italy by Sakurai
Northern Italy by Penguin

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