Animes, Photography and everything in between… Pfft..

11-08-06 Aino, Venus

The Neglected Garden by Cecile Corbel
From the OST of Karigurashi no Arrietty
(Did I get this right? -.-“)


Ok. Today… I don’t want to talk about the shoot.
I don’t want to talk about cosplay.
I don’t want to talk about photography.
I want to talk about Venus but I won’t. I can’t either.
She’ll have my head for breakfast.

What I do want and can talk about is me. ME ME and ME!
*cracks knuckles*

For starters… I need an outlet.
I need something to punch. Somewhere i can scream. Truth be told i don’t.
But i like to think i can. Like those romantic movie moments where some loser screams at the sea and just expect everything to work out after that.
No.. doesn’t work. I tried. Only hurts your throat. Ok.. I lied. It might work. MIGHT! Depends on your EQ i guess? -.-”

Ok. I lied again… I didn’t scream at the sea. I screamed in the car.
SHEEET! Mental note: past tense for scream is not scram.
Now that worked.

Seems like i can’t share anything with anyone these days.
Feels like no one understands the shit I’m going through.
Again. Not true. I’m positive (hah! Pun that shit!) that lots of ppl, if not all, has gone through shitss worst than mine.
Hey! Like i said… “Feels like”

See… THis sucks!
Can’t say what I really want.
Need to type in circles. In riddles.
Pffft… Bah…


Er… did I mention that I’m in a bad mood today?



Minako Aino, Sailor Venus by Venus
trollOLOlolOL! Xp

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