Animes, Photography and everything in between… Pfft..

11-08-21 Hetalia, Halloween


Heart Vacancy by The Wanted

Whaaaat! Ain’t no crime to listen to boy-bands.



Ok. Fark this… It’s my blog and I’m gonna write what I want to.
Today I’m going to spill some cheeeese. Jumbo sized.
It’s gonna get fattening.
Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

You know that feeling like you’re the luckiest person in the world.
Like nothing can go wrong when you are with someone.
All you want to do is spend time with that someone. Day and night.
And day.
And night and day.
And night.
And… x9000.
You just want to make that someone as happy as she can be.
Be there when she needs a hand. Never let her feel lonely.
Heart gets aflutter every time she smiles at you.
I’m feeling these everyday. =3=

Yeah yeah.. I know how it works.
It only feels like so until a fight break out or something.
Then you will feel like crap. Like the biggest jerk in the world.
Well.. even then. I sure am a lucky jerk. Lol!

You know what the best thing is?
Is knowing she feels the same way towards you.


Ei.. Cut me some slack!
Don’t troll me for not using her name k.
I’m not as muka tembok as you think k!
Besides, I think she’d kill me if I do.



Hetalia Axis Power, Halloween ver.

Hungary by Penguin
Austria by SakuraiJean

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Pst: Don’t worry. I know that day is coming. I’m ready. I think… -.-”
And I want to help you get ready as well.

Pst pst: Don’t get angry. -.-”
I actually did consider for 15~20 mins before hitting the publish button.


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