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11-08-22 Fastasy, Eight


For the First Time by The Script

Been listening to this for the last week or so. Non-stop!
I’m bored of it already. But it’s sooooo freaking addicting.

Ok. Something on my mind.
Directing this to my highschool, college, cosplaying or non-cosplaying friends alike.

Yes, I may have not been spending much time with you guys these days.
Despite everyone ringing my phone’s arse off. (Oh.. Got myself a new phone. I’d be bling-Pimping yaLL! Xp)
Sms. Calls. Online messages and chats. Asking me out.
For tea. For shoots. Talk cork and bull$heet sessions.
Rejected. Ignored. FongFeiKei’ed. (Someone give me a word for fongfeikei in english please… -.-“)

Doesn’t mean I forgot you guys.
Never did. 🙂
Cheesey but required.
About time I remind you guys that I do still think of you guys.
In a strictly non-gay way… -.-”



Final Fantasy VIII
Quistis Trepe by Venus
Rinoa Heartilly by ValkryieHolic

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