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11-12-18 Tsubasa Chronicles


Barairo no Sekai by PIERROT
From Get Backers 2nd Opening

Now how many of you guys remember this.. 😉


Whoah.. Lol. Now this was a new level of stress.
Thankfully, Kc was there too. Trolling around with familiar faces helps me calm down. :p

First time working with everyone except Sky. Even Mieko (I believe it’s our actual first shoot right?)
It’s always nice to meet new friends.. 🙂

Hmm.. One thing which I don’t know you guys know. The more I talk, the more nervous I actually am.
So when you realize that I’m blabbering my arse off during a shoot.
Lol.. You’re in trouble.

Chances are the shots aren’t turning out good. Xp

But then again, when I shut up and don’t utter a single word.
Is also when I start to rage up. Getting emo and shit.
That too means you’re in trouble.

Chances are the shots aren’t turning out good as well. Xp

LOLOL! Yes, that’s right. Shoot with me, and it’s a lose-lose situation.. MuaHhaHahHAHhaHAH!!

Ok. I just fulfilled my criteria to write a lot.
Hey cut me some slack. I just got off work… Lol!

Thanks for reading though… IF YOU DID THAT IS!


Now excuse me while I power up Skyrim!!! 😉


OH WAIT! Something important.
Got to thank Skye for inviting me to shoot.

Was happy that she asked again for this year.
Looking forward to more shoots with cha!! *cough*it’s-suppose-to-sound-suggestive-for-a-reason*cough*trollface.jpg



Tsubasa Chronicles

Astellecia as Syaoran
Sakurazaki as Sakura
Cescat as Fai
K-chan009 as Kurogane
Teruteru-bozu as Tomoyo
Ashedoll as Chii

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4 responses

  1. Nice pics.

    March 1, 2012 at 7:35 pm

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  3. Skye

    *_* DUDEEEEEEEE THANKZ FOR TAKING THE TIME OUT TO TAKE THE PHOTOS FOR US ~ team loves it~ they were all kya-ing when I was distributing photos!! WORK TOGETHER AGAIN SOON WOOT 😀 ❤

    March 14, 2012 at 2:31 am


      March 14, 2012 at 6:52 pm

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