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12-04-01 Rage2012



Last Piece by Kirari
From G.T.O.

Initially i posted Driver’s High..
However, knowing FOR A FREAKING FACT that it’s gonna be a matter of days before the video is blocked by whatever shit who owns this, i decided to change to something else.
Something I felt was underrated, being clouded by Driver’s high, among other themes from GTO.

Nice and easy yeah.. 😉



Hmm… Let’s see. RAGE2012 was a visit/road-trip kinda jiggamabob for me.
I got to visit kamisama.. :3
Despite it being a short time seeing her. It was a nice one. ❤

Lol. Weird thing though was having 2 bromancers tagging along. Not that it never happened before.
But still.. can't get used to it. Nor should I try to! Xp

Initially, I wasn't keen on entering the hall. Seeing how I have to buy an entry ticket.
Which would have cost me Rm$5 ( which converts to Usd$1.64 at time of writing)
Me being me, the stingy and broke. Didn't get the motivation seeing how when you've been to one event. You've been to em all.
Anyhow, I didn't buy a ticket for day 1 in the end after all. Lol!

Came back on day 2 of RAGE, still carrying the same thought
"I'm not going to be spending time in there, why should I enter in the first place. And if I'm not going to enter, why bother buying a ticket? Might as well save the dough."

Well, turns out till the end of the day. I didn't go in much after all.
Ahhh… but I DID buy a ticket.

I forgot if it was Raz or Joseph. But they told me, even if you don't enter. Buy a ticket. Support the local scene a little.
See where I'm getting at?
I attend cosplay events for a reason. Be it to take photos, cosplay, hang out, checking out stage performances, buying merchandise, whatever rocks your boat.
If that reason isn't good enough for you to chip in the entry ticket, why go to a event in the first place?

I'm not saying you MUST buy a ticket. But if you can afford it, yeah. Why not?


Ok.. honestly… i lied..
I bought a ticket just so I can go in and get some air conditioning… oTL
It was BLAZING HOT out there..




Rage 2012

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