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12-04-22 Hikaru Angelic Layer



The Starry Sky by HAL
Angelic Layer’s 2nd ending


Ok. Seriously I’m in deep shit.

I find myself preferring the prime lens over my other 2 carl zeiss.. Which says alot. Comparing the price difference.

In fact, I’ve not touched my 70-200 G since er… god knows when. I’m not saying it’s useless. A telephoto still plays a big role when it comes to events. But during an arranged shoot, i pretty much shoot with only the 50mm.

oTL Now I want a wide-angle prime.. -.-”
Somebody Kill me..

I thought I was over this LBA shit!!!


LBA… Lens Buying Addiction.
Pretty much the same shit petrolheads face.

Guys can never have enough gears cars OR photography, computers OR figures..
Just like how girls can never have enough shoes.. 😉

Anyway, reason why I said I’m in deep shit is that I didn’t plan to spend so much on lenses only to camp on a single prime lens.


Anyway… TRIPODDD!!!!



Hikaru Angelic Layer

Hikaru by Venus
Shirahime by Arisa

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