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12-04-29 Uta no Prince



Love 1000% from Uta no Prince

Yes, that’s right… it’s not 98%, 99%, not even 100%..
It’s a THOUSAND. Japan has obviously broken some barriers the day this song was publicized.



Hmm… So i recently created a facebook page.
Honestly speaking, I created it so that i can shift all the strangers in my friendslist over there.

You know, sort of like “Hey, check out the page instead of my wall. My personal wall…”

I’m not saying I’m being stalked or anything. Lol. I think I’m gonna need boobs to get that. Or big eyes. Or… something else… -.-”
Actually or WITHOUT something else.. *tiltHeadPedoStance* You see where I’m at?

Anyway.. Just wanted to say that NaNeee?! here at wordpress is my main site. Period!
Ain’t no merge between face and book or dev and art gonna change that. So yeah… Continue sticking around here.

Facebook or dA… Just a detour where i try to pull more crowd in here. 🙂
Not much traffic here these days. Gotto start moving my ass. Pull some in. Lol!

Also, DAMN it is hard to sort out a friendlist in facebook.
“Who to keep”
“Who to delete”
“Whha… Who are you?”

And once you get past that stage, you start clicking one by one by one by one.. and you start wishing facebook has a mass friend deleting function. Maybe something with a tick or multi selection mumbo jumbo. You know..



Uta no Prince

Otoya Ittoki by Yingtze
Masato Hijirikawa by Mikki Kairixx
Ren Jinguki by Kizuna Aem
Natsuki Shinomiya by Byou
Syo Kurusu by Huko Yee
Yokiya Ichinose by Akimoto Yumi
Cecil Aijima by Shiomaru
Haruka Nanami by Angie0-0

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


30 photos ladies and gentlemen. Three Zero.
Photo Spam much?

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