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12-03-03 Madoka Magica



“Magia” by Kalafina
Ending 1 of Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Youtube comments weren’t joking when they said that this is some heavy shit.



Ever been feeling like a misanthropist?
It’s not uncommon, when you decide to trust someone, who fails you.
Someone who said he was in need of help.
Who said he had no one to turn to.
Someone who you tried to avoid. Tried to block out.
Only to have listen to a few words before turning weak.
Weak to the pleas for help.
Thinking “Hey.. if it was my situation one day, I would like to get some help too”
Before going
“Ok. I’ll help out.”
Only to realize you’ve been played a fool.
When the person you helped disappeared soon after.
Never heard news of ever again.

Congratulations. You are once again reminded that this is a cold world.
Among strangers, compassion is dead.
Pride is dead.
Honour is dead.
Then you wonder, you might as well be dead.


Anyway… don’t speculate.
This is just me feeling the hatred for being cheated, monetary wise.



Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Madoka Kaname by Chocolime
Homura Akemi by Maybilly
Sayaka Miki by Fenix
Mami Tomoe by Raincloud
Kyōko Sakura by Megumi

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