Animes, Photography and everything in between… Pfft..

Badass Ball 毒球軍

Today’s post is going to be something different.

I want to introduce something to you guys.
Recently started following a page on facebook, and his blog featuring his artwork.
An artist going by the pen name of Badass, I think.. -.-”

Badass Ball

Haven’t seen the paintings, I initially thought it was vectored. Using Pc, Bamboo, Tablet, you know… digitally.

The strong colors keeps me interested.

Not too sure what art style would one call this.
Since I’m not much of an art person.

But I would say it’s expressive pop art? No?
Feel free to correct me by leaving a comment.. 🙂

Check it out!! Wouldn’t hurt.. 😉

One of my favorite being the following piece called “Poison”



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