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2012.06.16 Myvi

Today.. I went to a baby shower at a buddy’s house.
Seriously, if all baby showers have as much food and Ping Pong as I had today..
Please, by all means, sign me up!!! Lol!

Well, this buddy happened to have access to a basement carpark. Lol!
Knowing this, I HAD to grab the chance to test out the location for a few shots.

Perodua Myvi
Engine K3-VE
Valve mechanism DOHC, 16V with DVVT
Kerb Weight (Base Unit) 950kg
Front MacPherson strut with coil spring
Rear Torsion beam with coil spring
More info at the following link…

Was hoping to grab some shots of the other guys’s cars as well… but guess luck wasn’t with me that day.
Still, Rocky is always so willing to lend me his car. Guinea pig or not. Hurhurhurr :3

In allowing me to grab some shots of his car in the basement carpark. He scrapped the bottom of his bumper driving into the carpark. oTL
Pretty damn nasty scratch I might add.


Sorry man.. oTL

Hope you are happy with the outcome. *SayangsMyvi


One response

  1. samuiyuki

    new theme~???OwO
    really likes~!
    was this another shot that you went on your belly to take~?XD
    it’s awesome BTW~
    BTW could you explain what is the Kerb~?O_o

    July 13, 2012 at 8:46 pm

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