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2012.07.01 Passion

Today… I.. was… bored.
Bored enough.
To finally sort out all the coscards I’ve been chucking into my drawer for the last 2 years. :p

Vanilla Sky by Owl City
I won’t say that it’s an awesome song.
But i like the lyrics. 🙂

Sad enough, there really isn’t much cards for me to sort. Lol. I have up to 5 copies of the same coscard.
All those buggers who keep chucking em to me so that they can run out and get the excuse to print new designs.

Still, all cards welcomed. 🙂
Kinda tried to remember how I met each of em as I slide their cards into the holder.


Headed onto my cousin’s wedding later that evening.
Assuming that it’s going to be another typical chinese wedding, I didn’t bother bringing my camera.
Biggest regret of the day. 😦

Turns out the wedding was held in a rather nice (albeit uncomfortable) location in downtown KL.
It’s a nice house-turned-restaurant called “Passion Road”, spotting western designs for the wedding.
Balloons, marquee, tony-stark-suited-up-kids, flying scarfs, chandeliers, and a buffet.
Just walking around I saw at least 3 shots I would have loved to take.
Sigh… Lesson learned.

Oh.. for the uncomfortable part.
It was hot as hell.
There was pretty much 3 mosquitoes PER GUEST.
And the food was total fail.

Only edible food was the fried banana desert.
And the chocolate door gifts. -.-”

Ngo hou kwah jue lei ar wii nus.. :/


One response

  1. huko hehe

    wii nus: ngo dou hou kwah jue lei ah :/

    August 29, 2012 at 12:41 am

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