Animes, Photography and everything in between… Pfft..


Today… I had breakfast at 9pm.

It’s photos like these which makes me think that Sony’s alpha series were made to be blasted under the sun.
Going at 1/8000 albeit the wide aperture between f1.4 and 2.8;
The colors turn out nice and rich.


Venus has recently started commissioning costumes, custom-made attires and props.
And if you have the memory of an elephant, you’d remember me mentioning that she makes all her costumes herself.
When I say costumes, I mean top-notch, quality prioritized costumes.
Not to mention that they look very well made.
So I’d like you guys to check out her site.
See if anything fits your fancy.
Be whether you are looking for your next cosplay project,
or some fancy ornaments.

Drop by and have a look.
Thanks for the support!!

Yes.. the costume below, was 100% self made by Venus.
My photos don’t do her detailing skills justice i assure you.


Trinity Blood
Astharoshe Asran by Venus

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