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Today… I had 16 emptied batteries. None left to power my flash.


It’s a sad story really.
I have a habit. I keep newly charged batteries in boxes.
And used or emptied batteries out of the box.

Went to this shoot with a box full of batteries.
But the moment I start shooting, 4 just died off after another.
Switched batteries. Fires 2~3 rounds. And stops responding again.

Batteries lasted me only the first two cosplayers.
After that, I just had to shoot away.
Regardless of how the flash would sometimes fire.
Sometimes not.
And even when it did fire, it’s some half-arsed choked up sorry excuse of light.


Anyway.. reflecting on it later.
I’m pretty sure it’s because my batteries have been around for 3 years (rechargables)
And the fact that I’ve not used them for months. Despite being fully charged the last time I touched them.

Lesson of the day…

Charge your batteries EVEN if you have not used them since the last time you charged.
Well.. depending on how long was the last time you used them.
They say that doing that might kill your battery.

But Hey!!
I would have rather killed the batteries than to have such a big slip-up during a shoot!



Macross Frontier
Kindan no Elixir, Nurse version

Karie as Devil Nurse
Cappy as Angel Nurse
Angie as Crazy Nurse
Ying Tze as Pink Nurse
Akiyumi as Injured Nurse
Byou as Mint Nurse


Anyhow.. Drop by my facebook if you like my photos.
Link on the right.. Xp


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