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Shots from C2Age..
Haven’t had so much fun in a while.. 🙂



Vampire Knight
Yuuki Cross by Aiko Shorin


Shaded Black;
Wings in flight

Raven by Ryeain Ryea



Today… I got so tired from a shoot I never wanted to lift up a camera anymore…
Until the next day that is.. :p


Lol. For lack of a decent title, I make up with a few photos.

Seems like my facebook page is given the warm welcome from the local and foreign community.
For that I am very VERY grateful.

Am also grateful to Byou, Raz, Joseph for tolerating my constant blabbering that night.
Making lame jokes over and over and over again.
Then proceeding to scare everyone in the car.
Before going back into a state of constant mumbling.
Even when I myself no longer know what I was talking about.
A state triggered whenever I’m over-exhausted.

Now that you know.
Don’t say I never warned you!


I-don’t-know-what-to-call-this-shoot-or-for-a-matter-of-fact-all-my-casual-shoots-anymore Shoot
Feat. Byou



Today… it felt like time reverted.

Once again, I live for no one but myself.
It feels a little lonely I admit.
But that is the way it should be.
My saddest moments are my best.
Sounds pathetic but true to the heart.
Only one direction I can think of heading right now.
And it’s a direction I shall walk alone.
Unless if I count friends. Then I shall come en masse.


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
Josuke Higashikata by Sakuraijean



Today… I shot way too little people given the amount of time I had.

I was reminded that you really can’t bank on personal shoots at an event.
There are too many cosplayers, too little time.

Other things to consider at events is the fact that lightings will never be the same
as you move around the convention hall.
Maybe looking for walls to bounce off to.
But if you want the lighting you want, you can setup your own light stands and softboxes.

Even so, upon doing that, you no longer have the mobility to move around chasing cosplayers.
Unless you get someone else to look after your stuff. Lol.

You are gonna have to hope that cosplayers will come to you instead.
And even then, the cosplayers who came to you for some photos might not necessarily be er.. convincing.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that events could be the most random source of photos for one.
You might turn up with amazing photos.
You may turn up with horrible photos.
You may even lose all your photos due to memory card malfunction.

But more importantly, is that you have a good time.
Regardless of what photos you turn out with.
And that, I did…


Comic Fiesta 2012




Today… i had the urge to jump ship.

Seriously. Lol.
Was contemplating on whether to jump to Canon. More specifically, a Canon 6D.
Think about it.
With the price I have to pay for an a99,
I can get a Canon 6D and still have enough for a decent lens.

Another factor giving me the drive is the fact that the a99’s noise performance is still lacking when compared to the general others.

Also, I’m more tempted on the videography factor of a d-slr than the photographic performance.
Seeing how i don’t shoot much this days. An all rounder would be better use.

Gonna take my time with this. Lol.
Heck, don’t have the money for it anyway. Xp


Eureka 7
Renton Thurston by Penguin
Eureka by Lavena
Anemone by Devilene
Dominic Sorel by Sakuraijean