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DRAMAtical Murder – ノイズ X 蒼葉
ノイズ Noiz by Sakurai
蒼葉 Aoba by Mikki Kairixx



JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures

Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli by SakuraiJean



Today… my heart fluttered many many times; As friends expressed how much they like my photography.

As will most photographers when they are told how much you admire their work.
So do the right thing.
Tell someone how much you admire their work today (only if it’s true of course)
And put the discouraged heart at ease.
Even if that photographer is an infamous one. >D
Lol. oTL

Could have sworn it was troll material.. >D

Things seem to be going pretty well. So far…
The cossers I’ve been working with are awesome.
And that really helps out way way more than you can imagine.


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures
Rohan Kishibe by Sakuraijean


Today… it felt like time reverted.

Once again, I live for no one but myself.
It feels a little lonely I admit.
But that is the way it should be.
My saddest moments are my best.
Sounds pathetic but true to the heart.
Only one direction I can think of heading right now.
And it’s a direction I shall walk alone.
Unless if I count friends. Then I shall come en masse.


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
Josuke Higashikata by Sakuraijean



Today… i had the urge to jump ship.

Seriously. Lol.
Was contemplating on whether to jump to Canon. More specifically, a Canon 6D.
Think about it.
With the price I have to pay for an a99,
I can get a Canon 6D and still have enough for a decent lens.

Another factor giving me the drive is the fact that the a99’s noise performance is still lacking when compared to the general others.

Also, I’m more tempted on the videography factor of a d-slr than the photographic performance.
Seeing how i don’t shoot much this days. An all rounder would be better use.

Gonna take my time with this. Lol.
Heck, don’t have the money for it anyway. Xp


Eureka 7
Renton Thurston by Penguin
Eureka by Lavena
Anemone by Devilene
Dominic Sorel by Sakuraijean

12-05-01 Un-Go


12-03-04 Tiger and Bunny