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Senbon Zakura
Hatsune Miku by Kinoko Yurimy
Kaito by Nero Vi Kazama



Vocaloid, Project Diva

Hatsune Miku (Star Voice ver.) by Aiko Shorin

Photo by NaNeee? Photography


Today… I fell asleep while fetching ryeain home. -.-”
but she doesn’t know.. cause she was “fishing” too.. hahaha..


Alllmost rain as we headed to the location. Almost.. lol.
Ran into Chyeboon, Felicia and Carmen as well at the park.
Forgot to snap a pic of them before going off. Paisehpaiseh.

Today Ryeain LoLi mode ON! Lol.. *wipesweat*-.-”


Vocaloid, Melancholic
Kagamine Rin by Ryeain



Today… I did a failed handbrake turn in the rain. Xp


Ok guys.. here’s the thing.

My wordpress is pretty much hitting storage space quota in probably a few more posts.
And frankly, i thought about trying my luck at facebook pages as well. As in expanding my network. πŸ™‚

See the fb like box below? Yup.. that’s my new page. I shall be posting my new shoots there. I mean, I’ll still parallel post on both sites for now. But when the space hits zero. I’ll be fully on fb i guess…

Hope everything works out..!

To everyone who drops by NaNeee?! wordpress every now and then. Please do continue dropping by at the fb page. Your support is very much appreciated and means a lot to me.
As staple as it sounds, it’s true…



Vocaloid, Invisible
Kagamine Rin by Penguin
Gumi by Sakurai

12-03-04 Venomania


11-06-12 Miku, Wedding


11-04-24 Miku, Diva