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Gensomaden Saiyuki
Genjyo Sanzo by Xajin Jian
Son Goku by Waninoko Totodile
Sha Gojyo by Kirisamebaka Siao Wen
Cho Hakkai by Garet Gin Tasuke


11-09-10 Touhou, Animangaki


10-02-07 Vocaloid’s Day Out

Talk about variety! The combination of cosplayers and photographers for this shoot were indeed one with. There were crazy ones, enthusiastic ones, cool ones, blur ones, and more. Lol. Again, had fun during the shoot…


09-12-29 Kagamine Len and Rin – Return to Zero

Did a casual shoot a few days back. Nothing serious. Was helping the cosplayers get a feel of their new costumes.

WeN – Kagamine Len
Vivian – Kagamine Rin
Both were doing the Return to Zero version.

Thanks for the shoot guys. Not forgetting Chiko for the invite. 😉