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12-04-14 Otome Youkai Zakuro



Futari Shizuka by Kana Hanazawa and Satoshi Hino
From the series Otome Youkai Zakuro

Honestly, when you see me posting a song actually from the same series as the shoot I’m posting.
It only means 2 things.
1st…I actually watched and really like the series.
2nd… I don’t know anything and just did a last minute Google to attach something relevant to the series.

In this case… I’ll let you decide. Xp
What? Want me to spill the beans?
That wouldn’t be fun now would it… LoL!

ALSO: Check out the photos in the video.. Ish nice… =3=



Yet another shoot which I frantically asked around as I found out I have some available time on my hands.
Want to thank everyone, including photographers, Pk and Kenneth for letting me come along.
I know I know, my soft-box was pretty much obstructing the toothpick-width walkway.

Hmm… Talking about that.. RAWWWRRRR!!!
My first shoot with my new softbox..




Edit: Oh!
One thing to highlight to readers.
We got into a tinsy-winsy-itsy bit of an issue with the management of the place where we did the shoot.
Just a kind reminder. 😉
It will definitely help to smoothen things out if you inform and requests the staffs of the location regarding a shoot beforehand.



Otome Youkai Zakuro

Ying Tze as Agemaki Kei
See Jun as Riken Yoshinokazura
Cappy as Susukihotaru
Soo Weai as Zakuro

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